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Portability of Compact, Integrated Renewable Wind Energy

Aerovec Logo-Wht.png

The Future of Distributed Energy Is developing with... Aerovec

Gain Energy Independence.

A Solution for those who have critical energy needs.

Generate power when and where it is needed!

Our goal is to develop the most compact and effective small wind turbine on the market.


We envision the swift implementation of portable wind technology through a plug-and-play concept, utilizing a drop ship setup for rapid deployment, with a focus on the 5-25kWh capacity range. 

The Aerovec Wind Turbine

                                  COMPACT  INTEGRATED  PORTABLE   

  • Compact Design – Aerovec's Patented rotor design converts more wind energy into electric power, excellent for space restricted areas.


  • Integrated - Seamlessly work with storage and solar for increased reliability and lower cost. 

  • Portability - bringing energy onsite for locations with permanent or temporary electric power requirements. Shipping made easy in shipping containers due to our compact design.  Tilt up towers and non-permanent foundations make for seamless installation and permitting. 

About Us
Aerovec Logo-Wht.png

Striving for Solutions

To be a solution for customers concerned about Energy Security.

To be a solution for those concerned about the increasing electric demands

To be a provider of reliable, renewable energy

To make a difference for customers needing wind generation in a compact space

To provide rapid set up of energy generation in permanent or temporary locations

To be a solution for customers looking for price stability

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